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RabbitCare South Africa produces and distributes complementary educational material dealing with specific topics relating to rabbit care. These topics cover General tips and information, Diet, Housing, Behaviour and Stress management.  Rabbitcare is a voluntary group specifically looking after the welfare of pet rabbits. We do not favour rabbits over other animals but we categorically state that pet rabbits suffer a disproportionate amount of abuse due to (mostly) owner ignorance. 


Through the distribution of this material, we hope to alleviate the suffering.


Via email ( or phone (0797562454) we provide additional advice and tips on


  • pet rabbit behaviour

  • pet rabbit dietary requirements and

  • pet rabbit accommodation guidelines


Why is the information made available in printed format as well, and not just electronically or exclusively on the web you may ask? Simply because South Africans and by extension, pet rabbit owners, are not as online as generally assumed. Also, rabbit owners in disadvantaged areas may not have access to online resources. By distributing the printed material in shopping malls and other high traffic areas, we hope to reach a bigger audience.

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