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Where can I find a rabbit friendly vet?

RabbitCare South Africa makes no claims on behalf of these veterinary clinics or recommendations. We provide this list as a service to rabbit owners so that they can select a vet that is experienced in taking care of the medical needs of a pet rabbit. Never assume that because one veterinarian at an animal clinic is experienced with rabbits, all the other veterinarians are. Always telephone first and make sure that the a rabbit-savvy vet is available. When you call, please also inform the clinic you found their name on this RabbitCare South Africa list. Do keep in mind that doctors and entire clinics can relocate, so always call to check that they are still at the address listed here. If our information on this list is out of date, please let us know via text message or email.

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Know of rabbit-friendly vets in your area? Please let us know!

How do I potty train my rabbit?

  1. Firstly, you need to see where they go to pee or poop - this is normally in a corner of a room.

  2. Place a newspaper sheet down on top of the pee. They will pee or poop on the newspaper next time.

  3. Next, when they are done, place the used newspaper in a (cat) litter tray that you can buy from a petshop or grocery store. (Choose a tray with as low as possible sides.)

  4. Place the tray with the newspaper inside, in the same corner that they used a while ago.

  5. They will smell the newspaper and simply hop into the tray and start using it.

  6. Keep the newspaper in for a day or so, so that they can get used to hopping into the tray. You can place a clean sheet of newspaper on top of the used one, but keep the used sheet in the tray so that they can smell it.

  7. There after, once they know to use the tray, use clean paper daily or as often as required but keep the tray in the same position.

  8. If you do not want the tray where they originally peed or pooped, then slowly start moving the tray after each use, in the direction of where you'would prefer to have it :-) But wait for them to finish of course- they are very sensitive and would hate to be interupted! Move the tray while there is used newspaper in the tray.  (You can line the tray with a plastic litter tray bag and then place the paper on top of the plastic - makes for easy cleaning!)

  9. If you have the tray ready, do not be surprised if they choose another corner! Then you must just move the tray to the new location.

  10. Also, occasionally, they will poop or pee next to the tray or somewhere else - that is way of marking territory and is natural behaviour. (Have two trays - one that is always where they are supposed to go to the toilet and another one to move around if required and get your rabbit spayed/neutered.)  Always mop up urine and pick up poop outside of the tray and place both in the litter box. This helps get the message across that the litter tray is where they should do their thing. Rabbits are not always 100% perfect with their litter tray habbits. Placing a plastic mat under the litter tray or putting the litter box on a tile floor makes it easier to clean up.

  11. The video below shows some addiotional and different thoughts on potty training:

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