Berghuisie for cycling to and from Kouga River

Kouga Servitude

Nooitgedacht for absailling and Kloofing / Canyoning

Lots to do here!


For small groups

Activities:  Mountain biking, joggers, walking, landscape photography, bird watching
Loose stone road from Berghuisie to the Kouga River and back, approximately 5km.


Kouga Servitude for cyclists

For small groups
The whole Kouga servitude from Joubertina (Die Kraaltjie) to Opkoms before Joubertina. Totalling approximately 60km.

The Berghuisie route is shown on the route but is excluded from the 60km distance.



Activities: Abseiling, Kloofing / Canyoning,  Walking, Bird watching


  • Turn off at Langklip Estate board from R62.

  • Following the blue arrows, drive 4km on bumpy servitude up to the entrance gate. Gate lock code is only obtainable from Nooitgedacht owners. Report to / register at Reception.

  • Drive to parking area  and walk up to the Kloof, walking distance is approximately 1km.

Important notice and indemnity declaration
  • Any area off the yellow line is strictly Langklip Estate private property, no unauthorised persons allowed.

  • If you are interested in the Langklip Activities, kindly contact the owner Sharon Ferguson or enquire at Reception.

  • These are nature conservation grounds - no fire or littering or damage to vegetation is allowed.

  • The use of the Kouga servitudes, Berghuisie basis and Nooitgedacht trails is entirely at own risk.

  • No amenities or equipment provided.